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KAB Office Chairs have been tested by the British Office Chair Institute to meet appropriate British, European and Australian Standards with AFRDI level 6 certified..


Designed to withstand extended use of 24 hours a day x 7 days a week.


Ergonomic Support. KAB Office Chairs incorporate a variety of adjustments that are specifically designed to allow you to maintain correct sitting posture and enjoy ideal support and comfort. 


A singularAir Lumbar Support with optimum lower dorsal support provided by infinite air lumbar inflation and deflation through the use of a hand pump.


Backrest Recline with 16 degree back angle adjustment for customized comfort and optimum ergonomic support.


Tilt-lock Mechanism offers easy rocker tension adjustment for users of 50kg to 150kg and incorporates an 'anti-kick' safety system. This mechanism also allows you to lock your chair into a range of tilted positions for customized comfort.


The KAB Controller is an ergonomic, robust 24/7 chair for primary use in surveillance, control station and emergency service department environments.


It features backrest recline, height adjustment and tilt adjustment (free floating setting with customised rocker tension or lock to restrict movement). It also features an inflatable air lumbar support and body contoured cushions. The headrest is both height and tilt adjustable. The armrests can be tipped-up out of the way or swivelled down to fit comfortably under your desk. 



Inflatable air lumbar support
Backrest recline adjustment
Tilt-lock mechanism
Height riser mechanism
Height & tilt adjustable headrest
Tip-up & swivell down armrests so that you can move them out of your way or make them fit comfortably under your desk.
Body contoured cushions

Weight rating 225kg

Seat height adjustment between 460mm and 560mm.

24/7 Kab Controller Ergonomic Chair