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KAB Office Chairs have been tested by the British Office Chair Institute to meet appropriate British, European and Australian Standards with AFRDI level 6 certified.


12v electric powered eight adjustable air bags in the seat and back cushions to ensure supreme comfort and support. 


Designed to withstand extended use of 24 hours a day x 7 days a week or back-injury sufferers. 


The KAB ACS Executive is the top of the range 24/7 office chair. It is a robust, ergonomic, 24/7 chair primarily designed for use by back pain sufferers. It features eight electrically adjustable air bags in the seat and back cushions. These provide optimum comfort and ergonomic support. Three air bags are located in the backrest which provide variable height lumbar support. Two are located in the side cushions which provide customised side support. Two are located in the side bolsters of the seat cushion and the final one is located in the front thigh cushion for customised thigh support.

Like all KAB office chairs, the ACS Executive also features back recline, tilt-lock and height riser mechanisms. Even the headrest is height and tilt adjustable. Furthermore, the armrests can be tipped-up out of the way or swivelled down to fit comfortably under your desk. The adjustability of this chair makes it an excellent injury rehabilitation chair. 



8 adjustable air bags in the seat and back cushions to ensure optimum comfort and support
Backrest recline adjustment
Tilt-lock mechanism
Height riser mechanism
Height & tilt adjustable headrest
Tip-up & swivell down armrests so that you can move them out of your way or make them fit comfortably under your desk

Weight rating 225kg

Seat height adjustment between 460mm and 560mm.

24/7 Kab ACS Executive Ergonomic Chair